Review of A Scandalous Proposition

scandolous proposition

Thank you Naheed for the lovely book.

I have read many e-books by Indireads and one thing I love most about them is their book covers. The Indireads team has put a special effort in designing the covers of these books and their efforts definitely pay off. Instead of using models, the covers have been painted and what even makes them more special is that they actually capture the soul of the book.

Now, about this book; like many of the other books of Indireads it is also a love story based in heart of India, Delhi. It is the story of Mira who comes to Delhi with her mother and little sister with the big dreams in her eyes. She has gone through the trauma of losing her father and is completely devastated but has not yet given up on life. She is ready to make any efforts to bring happiness to her family. She gets an opportunity to work in the canteen at Diwan’s office but Ranbir Diwan seems to bring worst in her. Whenever they meet they seem to always fight. Ranbir Diwan has had his share of women, no woman has said no to him ever. The women he has gone out with are modern and classy and share the same status as his.

Mira is a typical middle class girl, who wears suit and churidars, bindi on her forehead, anklets and bangles. She is totally opposite to what Ranbir seeks for in women but still he is physically attracted to her. He offers her to be his mistress and when that does not work out he offers her something which she is unable to refuse. He asks his little sister to be his old grandmother’s companion and asks both of them to stay at his place, 24*7.

What makes him to offer this scandalous proposition to Mira and will Mira and her sister accept this or not?

Review: It is a beautiful love story written extremely well by the author. Ranbir’s family characterization has been done wonderfully and you would be able to identify each one of the characters. I loved the way author describes everything, all of it seems to be real and you could easily picture everything. The conversation between Ranbir’s Chacha and Chachi are quite funny and enjoyable. Best thing about the book is the character of Mira, she is a beautiful and charming girl who holds on to her roots and values and don’t give into any temptations. She is strong and confident and over-protective about her little sister. That reminded me a lot about the over-protectiveness I have for my little sister and that now is the time I should let her learn from her own mistakes.

Author: M M George

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Indireads

Format: E-Book

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