Review of Seoul-Mates

seoul mates

I have read so many love stories set across the different places in world but this is the first time I read a story which is based in Seoul, South Korea and that’s why we have the title “Seoul Mates”. Isn’t it brilliant?

Seoul Mates is a magnificent journey of love and trust. The book tells you that if you don’t have faith in your relationship then even a small misunderstanding can vandalize the most stable relationship.

It is the story of heart-broken Katia who is in love with some other man but is marrying someone else; someone whom she does not even know so well. Katia has travelled all across the world to just be with the love of her life. She tolerated the horrible behavior of Korean society just to be with Junki and he never even made an effort to help her to learn the Korean culture or the language. Thus, Katia was always treated as an outsider by everyone and always received the cold shoulder from her colleagues and was left with no friends except one.

At this time when she got the opportunity to get married to Jihan, the most eligible bachelor of Seoul, she decides to marry him. She feels that this is her chance and she will finally get the true love of her life. But it seems even getting marrying to Jihan did not make people accept her as one of them. People of Seoul are still mean to her and treat her as an outsider.

It’s up to Jihan now to help her, support her but he seems to be failing at this task. Now the question is will Jihan be able to win the heart of Katia and will Katia be finally accepted by his family?

I loved the book definitely and enjoyed the peek into the Korean society. The author has used her travelling experience skillfully to give us a marvelous love story. The characterization of Jihan and Katia and Jihan’s aunt is unambiguous. Jihan’s aunt is like one of those old ladies about whom we have heard lot in Ekta Kapoor’s series. I would highly recommend this book to everyone and I am sure you will definitely enjoy this book like I did.

Author: Pamela Q. Fernandes

Publisher: Indireads

Genre: Romance

Format: E-book


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