Review of Battle for Bittora



When I read the book “Those Pricey Thakur Girls”, I became the fan of Anuja Chauhan. In present times, she is one author who has excelled the art of wittiness and humor. She has the capability to tell you the most serious matter in funny ways. Though she talks about poverty, honor killing, dirty politics, bribery, caste system and hunger in villages of India but not even for a second you get the feeling that this is a very serious book. If some of you have watched the movie “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro” of Naseeruddin Shah, you would understand exactly what I mean.

I won’t be talking much about the story as I can’t tell a thing without spilling the beans. It is a book which should be read and enjoyed. The book is about the elections between the two major parties “IJP” and “Pragati” in the district of Bittora. It talks about all the tricks that each party would try to win the election. They won’t mind stooping down to the most degradable level and won’t shy away from throwing dirt at each other. Nothing matters more to them than winning this Lok Sabha Election.

Most enjoyable part of the book is the character of Amma: Pushpa Pandey. At age of 83 she still has the spirit of a young person and is ready to fight and win the election of Bittora at any cost. Amma’s English vocabulary is a new mixture of Bharat and India. At the end of the book, you might be also using the same vocabulary, as Amma’s. She is very funny and will always make you laugh. Even when she is ill and is in hospital, she is worried about who will play her role in the movie.

Gudia, a kleptomanic is Amma’s election agent and Munni, party member of Pragati are very well-crafted characters by author. Pappu another MLA of Pragati Party will make you laugh every time when he says his typical lines like “Anything for you, didi, anything for you! Whatever you wish! Just ask and see! Anything you desire! My mind and body are at your service! Remember, I will do anything to satisfy you!”

Now the main characters of the book, Zain and Jinni. Jinni’s caharcetr is very refreshing and she is always willing to work for the “pure” (poor) people of India and is trying her best to understand the politics. She has no choice but to stand next to her grandmother Pushpa Pandey and support her to win this election. She has been in love with Zain since she was a small girl but now she is not very sure of her own feelings. Worst of all she has no idea about Zain’s feelings for her. She does not know whether he is a friend, an enemy or a frenemy.

Zain is an ex-prince, handsome hunk, studied in U.K. and has a dashing personality. He is very manipulative with his words and has a charisma to which everyone seems to be attracted. He also loves Jinni but don’t know how to convey his true feelings to her.

I think I have told you a lot about the book now.

I have only one piece of advice for you that please don’t read this book in public place as you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing and then people might call you insane.

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Fiction


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