Review of “The Malhotra Bride”

malhotra bride


The Malhotra Bride talks about the arranged marriages and how a girl is never given an option to choose her future husband.

Sunita is young and wants to make a career and travel the world; she has big dreams which are quashed by her strict orthodox father. He elder sister was married the same way and now her parents want her to settle down. But Sunita is a rebel, she won’t back down without a fight. No one supports her at home, except her dearest grandfather, Ratan. He adores his little granddaughter and would do anything for her happiness. He promises her that if she won’t like Akshay Malhotra, the guy selected by her father Gokul Rishi then she won’t have to marry him.

But it’s not just Sunita, even the Malhotras arranged for this match without asking Akshay. He is bit luckier than Sunita as he has the freedom to say no. Akshay is all ready to say no but what he had not expected was that he would fall in love with Sunita at the first sight. Now it is up to Akshay to make Sunita fall in love with him and to agree her to get married to him.

Review: It is a sweet love story with arranged marriage in background with a narration fill of lots and lots of details. It could turn out into one of those Karan Johar’s movies. I love the character of Sunita, who never gives up and is always ready to fight against the stupid orthodox rules of the society. Character of Akshay is bit confusing at times. He is handsome hunk who is sweet, caring, loving and supportive of Sunita’s dreams but at the same time he is manipulative, dominating and has a short temper. But still you will fall in love with him, as he is too hard to resist.

Author: Sundari Venkatraman

Publisher: Flaming Sun

Format: E-book

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