Review of Pyaar aur Poetry

Pyar-Aur-PoetryI am a huge sucker for happy endings. I am in love with the idea of love and that’s why I love reading these sweet little romantic stories. They are my own dose of endorphins and leave me with a feeling of euphoria.

Pyaar and Poetry is such a sweet romantic book which I loved reading. It’s a story of a geek boy, Nikhil Menon and the beauty with brains, Arundhati Basu. For Nikhil it was love at first sight but for Arundhati, Nikhil is nobody. Arundhati is in love with classic western literature and does not like talking about Indian authors or Indian snacks and Bollywood is a big No for her.

Arundhati is fascinated by D.G. Beckett but at the same time dislike Nikhil, totally unaware that D.G. Beckett and Nikhil are the same person. When Arundhati is forced to work with Nikhil for Founder’s day,s he comes to know a different side of Nikhil and is in awe of his knowledge of literature. Nikhil introduces her to everything she disliked before- Indian authors, street food and even dhinchak Bollywood movies.

But will Nikhil ever tell Arundhati about his other identity and will Arundhati be able to forgive Nikhil for lying to her?

Review: As I said earlier, I love romantic stories and I loved this book too which has added bonus of beautiful poetry too. The most I loved in this book was Nikhil’s grandmother, Padma Kalyani.   Her character has been written so well, she is a fun person who does not let age affect her modern sense of fashion. She has more knowledge of today’s fashion and culture than any other teenager. The author’s narration of story is spell bounding and once you will start reading the book, you will not be able to keep it down. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Author: Roopa Menon

Publisher: Indireads

Genre: Romance

Format: E-Book




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