Review of Love’s Labor

love's laborChetan Bhagat, in his book “Two States” stated that in India, it’s not enough for a boy and a girl to love each other to get married. If they want to get married, they need their families to love each other and the families love the boy and girl too. It is not so easy to get married to the person you love, he might be the right person for you but that does not mean that he will be the right person for your family too.

He might be the perfect person for you but if he is not the same caste then as per your parents he is the most imperfect person.

Love’s labor is also a love story of a Bengali girl, Piali and a South-Indian boy, Sathya who falls in love and are ready to marry each other against their family wishes. Piali’s parents calls themselves modern because they let their children decide about their careers. But in reality they are like any other orthodox Indian family who won’t allow their daughter to marry out of caste; for them society is more important than their daughter’s happiness.

Sathya does everything to prove to Piali’s father that he is the eligible son-in-law but fails to impress him. When all his plans fails, he decides to elope with Piali. But how can Piali elope with him, she loves her father too; he is her father and always taken care of  her. She can’t hurt him by eloping with Sathya.

How do you choose between the two man you love the most?

Piali decides to leave both of them, if she can’t have the love of her life then she won’t even live with her father.  Will her sacrifice mean anything to either of her parents? Will Sathya and Piali’s parents agree to their marriage?

Review: I loved the way characters were written in the book. The author has taken care of even minute details. I was totally impressed by the character of Piali’s mom, she was like any other house-wife who has to choose between the happiness of her children and her husband’s principles. It is a very sweet story which I enjoyed thoroughly. I am looking forward to more books from the author.

Author: Andy Paula

Publisher: Indireads

Genre: Romance

Book: E-book

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