Review of Canvas of Dreams

                                           Life is like a canvas

“It begins blank and every day is like another brush stroke”

Isn’t it totally true? All of us live our life complaining about things but very few of us have the guts to actually paint our own picture on this big canvas called life.

Canvas of Dreams is a story of a simple girl Riya from Kanpur. She grew up loving Ryan and planned to live together with him forever. she always thought that Ryan was her true love, her soul mate and no matter what happens she will be always with him. But little did she know that not only she will loose Ryan but will get married to someone whom she does not love. Riya has always let fate control her life instead of taking control of herself.  She always lost the precious things without putting up a fight to hold on to them.  She is young, successful and a very unhappy widow. She always feel that she is missing a part of her life but never has the strength to get it and hold on to it.

Not only that but instead of fighting the ghosts from her past she is keeping them locked up inside her and that is what’s causing more pain and agony to her.  Shweta, best friend of Riya helps her to come in terms with her life and is the pillar of strength in her life. It is with help of Shweta, that Riya gain the strength and guts to paint her own picture on the canvas called life.

Review: It is a very loving and sweet story and is inspiring at the same time. I loved reading it and enjoyed every page of it. The character of Riya is very similar to any simple Indian woman whose life is controlled by others. Though she didn’t love her husband and he gives her nothing but pain, Riya does not utter a word of it to either of the families. She even does not tell anyone of all this of the fear that it will taint his image. The book is both a sweet love story and the journey of the woman to come terms with life and to make her own destiny.

Author: Jaya Siva Murthy

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Indireads

Book: E-book

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