Review of “Double Jeopardy”

Double jeopardy

Double Jeopardy is the story of Sanya who has been in love with Ansh since the day she has understood what the word meant. He was her best friend, her soul-mate; she couldn’t think of a day without him. But destiny had something else in mind and Sanya’s family shifted to London far away from Mumbai where Ansh lived with his parents. But even the distance couldn’t curb her feelings for him. She is still in love with him, she thinks of him every day. When Sanya left Mumbai, she sort of left a part of her there and now she is a poor soul who is completely lost and seems to have no purpose in life except one. Sanya wants to meet Ansh again and wants to spend her life with him. So when her father offers her an opportunity to travel to Mumbai and live at Ansh’s place, she grabs the opportunity with both hands.

But the fate again has something else in mind, at airport it’s not Ansh but his devilish twin brother Arth comes to pick her up. Arth is totally opposite of Ansh and Sanya has always hated him. Arth has loved creating troubles for Sanya during their childhood but he is completely attracted to the new grown up and totally mesmerizing version of Sanya.

Sanya’s aim is to make Ansh fall in love with her but every time she tries to spend time with him, she ends up spending more and more time with Arth. She hates him like anything but her body seems to be attracted to him. She does not know whom to choose- Ansh, her childhood love or Ansh who ignites new feelings in her which she has never felt before in her life.

Review: The book is aptly titled “Double Jeopardy” as it talks about the agony which Sanya goes through while making a decision of whom to choose. Ansh and Arth are mirror images of each other but what Sanya feels for them is totally opposite to each other. The book has been beautifully written and rightly describes the pain and the confusion which Sanya goes through. It is a very sweet romantic book which is a complete piece of entertainment and thoroughly enjoyable.

The best part of the book is the way a completely sensitive topic has been discussed which I won’t be talking about here. You must read this book and I am sure that you are going to love it.

Author: Sundari Venkatraman

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Indireads

Version: E-book




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