Review of “Stories for your Valentine”


Stories for your valentine is a collection of short stories from Pageturn Publishers. The book has been divided into four sections: First Love,  Arranged Love,  Second Chances and Twilight Love.  In total there are eighteen stories, all talking about the love and relationships. The best thing about this book is that it explores all kind of relationships and experiences we have while we are looking for the love. Second Chances and Arranged Love are my favorite sections in the book.

I have always felt that its very difficult to pen down short stories because you have limited words and hats off to these authors who have given us these wonderful and lovely stories. Some of the stories have been completed in just two pages and talks about just a day or two. But then love can happen to you in seconds only. Right!!!

One more thing I liked about the book is that there are stories of all age groups ranging from teenagers to the old people. Love can happen to you at any age and that’s what this book is talking about. Love is the purest form of relationship and should never be judged.

My favorite story is “Faded Memories” which tells you that your first love is always special and no matter what happens you always seem to go back to your first love only.  As it says in the book:

People come only to leave
Souls disunite and grieve
Fate, time and destiny
To be blamed, are many
Yet at times, life
Lets you thrive
Breaks your bereft trance
Offers you a second chance

And when you get that second chance you should take it because there are very few who are lucky enough to find their soul-mates.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I am sure if you have ever been in love you are definitely going to love this book.

Book: E-book

Publisher: Pageturn Publisher

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