Treacherous Lady

Treacherous lady-500x500

It is the story of two men with broken hearts, Rajan was left by his fiancée Priya and Mohit was left by his college sweetheart Anu. None of them get the closure and were left with lots of unanswered questions. Fate brings them together and they help each other to move on in life. Left with bitter memories from their loved ones they help each other in the healing process and develops a friendship which is strong and glued by the respect and trust for each other. They also help each other to relive their passion for music which they have seem to forgotten because of their break ups.
Life gives them a second chance when Sulakashana and Varsha enter Rajan and Mohit’s life respectively. Sulakashana is the rakhi sister of Mohit and works at the same bank as them. She helps Rajan to get over Priya and brings the stability back in his life. Varsha is a widow and her entry into Mohit’s life not only brings happiness to Mohit but also adds colors to her once dull life.
There is Vijay also a cousin of Mohit and college friend of Rjan and is hated by both of them. Vijay has some cruel intentions and is planning something surprising and shocking which will change their lives forever.
As usual this story from Pageturn Publishers is sweet and simple and very enjoyable. The end of the story is totally unexpected and something to look forward for.

Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra
Publisher: Pageturn Publisher
Genre: Romance

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