Kingdom Come



Characters: There are not too many characters in the book but I couldn’t have described all of them without revealing too many details about the book and that would have spoiled the fun for you as the book is a spy thriller story.

So coming back to the characters, there are three main characters in the book without whom the book could never have been written.

First is Krivi Iyer, an ex-military and ex-spy who has the dead eyes and no heart. He is best at what he does, so good that sometimes he scares the people around him. He has lost the love of his life and sort of carries a death wish; life does not have much meaning for him now. He is afraid of nothing except of loving and caring for someone.

Ziya is just opposite to Krivi. She is an orphan who has been brought up in various foster homes across England. Life has been too hard on her but she never gave up on life. She is a loving and caring person with the gentlest soul ever. She has no family except Noor who is not only her best friend but the sister she never had. She has brought  happiness to Ziya’s life and loves her the most.

Woodpecker is a sociopath, psychopath and a very dangerous terrorist. He is wanted all over the world by different agencies but no one has been able to catch him yet. Worst part is that no one knows how he  exactly looks like, thus making it even more difficult for the agencies to catch him. Woodpecker has been trained to kill since he was a child and he kills not because he has to but because he enjoys it. That’s what makes him even more dangerous.

The blurb: Krivi’s love of life was taken away by Woodpecker and that has left him shattered and lifeless. So when he is given a chance to catch this psychopath and shoot him in middle of his eyes, he grabs the opportunity with both his hands. Woodpecker’s alleged sister Ziya is living and working in Kashmir and Krivi is given the responsibility to get the information from her. But Krivi who thought that he has lost his heart forever falls for this beautiful and loving creature. He is attracted to her and wants her for himself. He finds it difficult to believe that such a gentle soul could ever be terrorist’s sister.

Eventually he does learn that Ziya is not a terrorist sister but in the process he breaks her heart.

Fate or rather Krivi’s intentions bring him back in Ziya life. But this time Ziya has nothing to offer him rather it’s she who needs his support and love. Once again life has played the cruel game with her and taken away everything she loved and cared for.  It’s up to Krivi now to take care of her, protect her and prepare her for the final battle of her life.


Kingdom Come means “the next world” and “the end of time”. This title is aptly suited for this book as something bad ends and  Krivi and Ziya get to enter the next world which is more beautiful and loving.

The book is based in the beautiful valley of Himalayas- Kashmir and the description is so beautiful that you can actually experience it yourself. I must say that it is a well-researched book and all the characters have been immortalized by the author.

What I loved most about the book is that it has the essence of both Mills & Boon and a spy thriller. Both the parts are blended so well together that I actually had a nail-biting experience. Sometimes I was so immersed in the book and was so excited to know what’s going to happen next that I even forgot to breath.  I was actually having Goosebumps while reading this book. There were so many twists and turns and I could never guess what’s going to happen next. Even in the end when the suspense is finally revealed, it was totally unexpected.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone as it is the perfect spy love story.

Author: Aarti V Raman

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: Spy fiction, Romance




4 thoughts on “Kingdom Come

  1. aarti v says:

    Thank you Priti for taking the time to read and share your thoughts on my book. i much appreciate the comments and look forward to entertaining you with my nexts. Apologies for the delay in reply. Xx Writer Gal


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