The Edge of Desire


First and foremost advice: If you don’t like politics then this is not the book for you.

As far as the politics fans go, it is the best roller coaster ride that you can get on. Tuhin has done complete justice to the story. He has touched upon all the state, central politics issues, terrorism and naxalism. Even the Kashmir issue has been handled very well by him. The characters in the book are defined very well and you can easily relate to them. The best part of the book is that it’s a very well researched book and though it’s a complete work of fiction, most of the characters would feel very real to you.  The flow in story is not broken even for a second and this is what makes it hard for you to keep the book down once you have started reading it.

Characters: There are too many characters in the book as is expected in any political story. But I would describe the few yet very important characters of the book.

Shruti is a simple girl from Patna who dreams of being the leading and most famous journalist of India and wishes to marry the love of her life who is her first boyfriend too. She is the main character of the book and is referred as Draupadi many times. She is simple yet strong and loves her independence and is always craving for her own identity. She wants to prove a lot to the world and is always hopeful of the good things.

Abhay is Shruti’s boyfriend and is also a journalist and ditches Shruti for some other girl. He is in the electronic media and can stoop to any level to get success, even if it means humiliating his ex on National TV.

Rohit is an honest and hard-working IAS officer who wants to bring the change in system. He is the guy Shruti get married to. Shruti always find it difficult to understand him as he is always showing some different side to her. At one point he is so caring and yet he does not shy away from asking her that if she had affair with her rapist.

Then most importantly is Sharad, a rising political leader who is tired of long lasting political system of India and wants to bring change in nation. He has strong views and is expected to be future PM of country. He is so much devoted to politics that he even sacrifices his family life for the politics. He is often referred to as Krishna in the book and is responsible for bringing major changes in Shruti’s life.

There are three men in Shruti’s life. She loves all of them in some or the other way but realizes it too late that who is the true soul mate of hers.

The story of the book can’t be told without revealing much and the idea of what’s going to happen next is the strength of the book. There are lots of twist and turns in the book which you will definitely enjoy.

What I loved most about the book is the way Tuhin described the hypocrite society of India. When Shruti is raped, very few people come to her support and some even dare to comment on her character. At this point, Shruti compares herself to Sita and that is the tragedy of our society that even after thousands of years females are subjected to Agni-Pariksha. It is so easy for everyone to judge someone without having a clue about the pain and the angst which other person is going through.

One more thing, of all the relationships described in the book it is the relationship between Sharad and Shruti which is the purest and sacred of all and yet this is the relationship which is respected least by the people. Thus, again depicting the hypocrite society of ours.

This book has the capacity to stir your soul.  You are forced to ask yourself that when is this political system of ours is going to change and when will our society give the respect to females which is overdue for long.

Thank you Tuhin for writing such a wonderful and interesting book.

Author: Tuhin A. Sinha

Publisher: Hachette India

Genre: Politics

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