It’s your move Wordfreak

It's your move Wordfreak

I have always loved the game of Scrabble. You use words to win the game but what I didn’t expect was that the same Scrabble can help you win someone’s heart. Worddiva, a.k.a Alisha Menon, a lawyer by profession meets Wordfreak, a.k.a Aryan Chawla, an architect via online game.

After month of cajoling and persuasion Aryan is able to convince Alisha to meet him in person. Alisha is very skeptical about meeting him. After all who knows that he might be a psychotic serial killer or a bald and fat man?

But Aryan turns out to be tall and handsome with a twinkle in his eyes and his British accent makes him even more attractive. The moment Alisha meets him, her stomach gives a flip and she starts having butterflies in her stomach. Every time Aryan touches her she can feel a chill throughout her body.  Everything is perfect except as Madhuri Tandon (Alisha’s mentor) says that Aryan is too good to be true. Aryan seems to be holding in something and Alisha has no clue about it.  But Aryan bowls over everyone with his charms; including Alisha’s mom and her best friend and thus all the doubts Alisha had about him flies far away.

When Alisha feels that everything is going perfectly and she is ready to take their relationship to next level, Aryan disappears. There are things that Aryan has hidden from her and those secrets are now hovering over their relationship like dark clouds. All they have to do is clear these clouds and let light be in their lives. But both of them are equally stubborn and high headed and it seems a difficult job for them to get together again.

Hats off to Falguni for writing such a sweet and loving book. I loved loved loved this book a lot. I especially loved the way Aryan calls Alisha Sunshine even at time when he is brooding.  All the characters in the book are well-defined and you can easily visualize them.

After reading this book I am sure Falguni must be damn good at the game of Scrabble. I loved the way that she played around the words to give us a wonderful and extremely enjoyable book.


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