Temptation in Paradise

Temptation in Paradise

Reading love stories by Mills & Boons have always made me believe in love. It was only after reading the stories by these books that I fell in love with idea of love. And this time the love story is based in my very own “Gurgaon”.  A Mills & Boon love story based in Gurgaon, well that’s all I have thought of when I read all those stories based in Italy, Greece, London, New York, France etc. I have always wondered how would a Mills & Boon story will be if it’s to be based in Gurgaon, and mind you, it’s very beautiful and more fun to read.

Now, when I have talked about Gurgaon and Mills & Boon, I am ready to talk about the book too. It is a story of Niki Vora and Siddhart Shetty.

Niki, a B.Tech graduate works and lives in Gurgaon. She lives alone in a two bedroom flat and drives a Royal Enfield on the traffic packed roads of Gurgaon. She lost her parents to a horrible road accident and she blames herself for it because the accident happened when she was arguing with her father while he was driving the car. She never shares this guilt feeling and pain with anyone, not even with her loving elder sister Tanya who has taken up the role of her mother since their parents’ tragic death.

Siddhart, a.k.a Sid is best friend, confidante of Tanya from her college days and when both gets the opportunity to meet each other after years, both decide to make most of it. Sid is also an IT guy and is very successful and rich. Sid seems to be happy and cheerful to everyone but he walks with the broken heart. Sid has always been in love with Gauri, his sweetheart from college days. Gauri is his first love but the relationship doesn’t last longer as she leaves him for more successful and handsome Jay.

Like any big sis, Tanya plays the role of matchmaker and decides to make a match between her little sis, Niki and best friend, Sid. But she doesn’t have to do much work as the cupid has already struck these two ways before the match making meeting by Tanya.

Niki and Sid are attracted to each other and each makes other forgets about their pain. They are happy and contempt but how long will this happiness last? Is the physical attraction to each other enough to stay together for long? What will happen when ghost from the past, as Sis calls Gauri comes into their lives? Is there love for each other strong enough or does Sid feeling for Gauri is even stronger than that?

My views: The story is sweet and simple and yes tempting too. I enjoyed reading the book; it made me smile a lot. We should read a book which makes us smile. So definitely I would recommend this book to everyone who loves to smile while reading the book.

Author: Jyoti Singh

Genre: Love story

Publisher: Harlequin

Series: Mills & Boon

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