One in a Million


“Love it or hate it, you have to accept the fact that the world revolves around the four-letter word….LOVE”

Totally agree Harshita, all our life we keep denying the fact that we can also fall in love but then don’t we all fall in love at some or the other point. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world but then it hurts you like hell too. Some of us are lucky and our first time lasts forever but some of us don’t have the same good luck. We only fall in love to just be heart-broken, once heart-broken we might still be left with some luck to fall in love with love again and this time it is definitely forever and ever.   But some are very unlucky they have to go through the heart breaks again and again, till the time they finally find their true love.

Who said falling in love is easy? Well, falling in love is easy but for the other person to love you the same and to maintain this love for a life time is not such an easy job.

The blurb: Priyanka a wacky urban girl, a typical Delhite falls in love with Shashank when she is studying in school. It’s a typical high school love story; both of them have fallen in love for the first time and are on cloud nine. They feel they can achieve anything and will be together forever. They are madly in love with each other. But their love does not last too long. They are separated by the distance; he is in Pune and she is in Noida. But it’s not only the distance that separates them now, both of them have changed a lot now. Their ideas and personalities are different now, especially Shashank’s.

At this time when Priyanka’s heart is hurting, Vishal, the best-friend of Shashank helps her to go through the bad time, helps her in the process of healing of broken-heart. Their friendship takes a new turn and both of them start dating very soon. Priyanka thinks that Vishal is her true love and will never leave her, but her bad luck is still not over and Vishal leaves her too.

It’s during this time that Priyanka comes in contact with Shashank (not her ex) via Facebook. He has a girlfriend, Ritika and is madly in love with her; after all as Shashank says she is his first love. The Facebook friendship turns into another love story. Priyanka loves him and he loves her but then there is a big problem. Shashank loves Ritika too and can never leave her.

So what will happen now? They always say that third time is your lucky chance. Will Priyanka be lucky this time? Will she find her prince charming finally or not?

Review: First thing first, I did not get the cover page at all. It gave me the impression that Priyanka will be a seductress which she is not at all. She is a sweet simple girl and fiery too when required. I think cover page could have been bit different.

About the book, I enjoyed reading it. The transition from school to college to job was impressive. I loved reading about Orkut, it brought back many wonderful memories. I seem to have totally forgotten about Orkut till now.

There are many funny moments in the book, like when Priyanka gargles, brushes and gargles again, just because she has had her first kiss. Totally innocent, I am sure many girls would have had this experience but no one has talked about it before.

I also liked the way Priyanka always regains her strength after break up and never give up hope and the way she slaps Vishal and returns his gifts. Wow, I totally enjoyed that part.

The book is not only about “THE LOVE”. It also talks about the love Priyanka share with her best friend Vishakha (who never leaves her side even for a second and is her emotional anchor) and with her little brother who protects and care for her like a Big Bro.

One more thing, this book has an added bonus; there are beautiful poems also which you will definitely enjoy. Best of all it has my favorite song “As Long as you Love Me” which has been beautifully used in the book.

Author: Harshita Srivastava

Publisher: Mahaveer Publisher

Genre: Love Story

Book Source: From the author for review

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