Book Review of “Be Careful What You Wish For”

be careful what you wish for

Jeffrey Archer is no doubt the best fiction writer and my all-time favorite author. Be Careful What You Wish For, is the new book in the Clifton Chronicles series.

The last book ended at the point of Bruno and Sebastian meeting with the accident. A father unintentionally kills his own child but blames Barringtons and Cliftons for the misdeed. Don Pedro is more consistent with the thought of destroying these two families for now and forever.

He would stop at no cost till he has completely diminished these two families to ashes. It wouldn’t even matter if he would go bankrupt or even lose his own life or even his sons’ lives.

He takes help from Major Alex Fisher, one of the enemies of Barrington and Clifton and plans his way so as to infiltrate deep into the Barrington’s shipping company. He plans to appoint Fisher the Chairman of the company but will he succeed in doing so?

Then there is Lady Virginia, another old enemy of the two families who never misses an opportunity to defame them. So when she gets an opportunity to poison the mind of Jessica’s future mother-in-law, she does it without even thinking about the poor soul and the impact it will have own this delicate creature. It is then she crosses the line for which she is going to pay a very heavy price.

This book has one new character “Cedric Hardcastle”, a Yorkshireman who also joins as a newest board member at the Barrington shipping company. Nobody knows who he is and what are his interests in the shipping company? Is he a friend or foe? Nobody has answer to that question except Sebastian.

The most important part in this book is of Sebastian, after surviving the accident, he has changed completely he is more responsible and more mature now. He has turned into a new leaf.

He helps his family to fight against Don Pedro and helps them in surviving against their most dangerous enemy.

Everyone has to get together to fight against Don Pedro and defeat him at his own game. I wouldn’t spoil the suspense by telling you anything more. You should read it yourself to know what will be happening next in lives of Cliftons and Barringtons.

But then this is not the end. There is more to the Clifton Chronicles and readers will have to wait till 2015 to know what happens next.

Review: As usual there are lots of twists and turns, there is something new with every page you turn. Jeffrey Archer has not lost his touch at all and still has the power to bind his readers. I finished the book in one go because once I started reading it, I could not keep it down. I am sure Jeffrey Archer will have the same power over you. You will definitely fall in love with this book and would be biting your nails while reading the book. Yes, that’s how much interesting and captivating this book is.

I would suggest that the book should be read by all and if you have not read the first book of Clifton Chronicles then you should buy your copy now because after Kane and Able Series, this is one series which you should not miss.

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Genre: Fiction

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