Ebbs & Flows

ebbs & flows

Ebbs & Flows is a collection of short stories by Amitava Chaudhari.

In total there are fourteen stories and each story has something important to tell you. Amitava has talked about all sorts of things which I think all of us experience at some or the other time in our lives. The book description says that none of us will be experiencing any of these situations but I totally disagree. After reading, the book I am hundred percent sure of one thing that many of us are experiencing the similar situations in our day to day life. “The Last Journey” is a story about a son who is going to drop his father at the old age home. “Money, fame and Happiness” is a story of a man who gets so blinded by money that in the process he totally forgets about his wife and son. His desire to earn money is so high that he forgets about the most important thing in life i.e. happiness. Isn’t the same thing happening around us? People are getting so busy with the materialistic things that they are forgetting about the people around them and most importantly about love and happiness.

There are other stories also like the one in which a guy is always boasting about his relationships with girls and the one about Mr. I-know-it-all. These two particular stories are very funny. The story I loved the most is “Story of a Thief” and “The Cripple”. One is a humorous story and the other will touch your heart in a way that you will be forced to wonder whether you have also wronged someone in your life.

It is not only the stories that I have enjoyed but the way they have been written. Amitava has used his writing skills to turn these simple stories into the extraordinary stories. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every story of the book and would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Author: Amitava Chaudhari

Publisher: Blackbuck Publisher

Book Source: From publisher for review

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