As Life Has No Undo


“As Life Has No Undo” is the first book from young author Abir Mukherjee. For being a first author, Abir has done a great job. The book is very well written, all the characters are defined so well and each part of the book is linked beautifully. There are no gaps in the story and not for a moment I got bored while reading the book. It was a wonderful experience reading this book and I actually finished it in one go.

The Blurb: It is a story of Ankit, a simple boy and mediocre student who always excel in his exams. His parents and teachers are proud of him. He takes extra tuitions so that he can score good marks in boards and engineering entrance exams. He wants to be a computer engineer like his elder brother. It’s during his school time that he falls in love with Shreja. He is so madly in love with her that he ignores his friends and even his studies. He even decides to get admission in a not so good college because he wishes to stay with her.

Ankit love for Shreja is true; he would do anything for her. He has already given up so much for her and is even ready to do the same in future. But does Shreja love Ankit the same way as he does? She makes him promise that he will never leave her but will she also abide to this promise.

Then there is one another person, Debdeep. He is also a batchmate of Ankit and Shreja in college and is a part of their group. Ankit considers him as his best friend and shares everything with him. But is Debdeep worthy of Ankit’s friendship? How much his presence affects Ankit’s and Shreja’s life?

Review: It is a story of friendship, family and love, all blend in together perfectly. It makes you understand that in life all relationships are important and how important it is not to ignore one relationship for other. I would totally recommend this book to all.

Author: Abir Mukherjee

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

Book Source: From Publisher for review

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