Review of The Old Man and The Nymph

old man and the nymph

I received this book from the Blackbuck Publication for reviewing it. The cover page of the book pictures the essence of the book perfectly.

The blurb: The book summary says that it is a story of old man and four nymphs but after reading the book, I would say it is a story of three old men and four nymphs. There are four little girls who are extremely beautiful and full of passion. They ignite such passion in these old men, especially the Colonel that they forget all about their old age and do forbidden things to satisfy their carnal desires.

One of the girls escapes the Colonel too soon and disappears into the underworld. But what will happen to other three girls, will they be able to escape their own old men and the Colonel? Will they be able to help each other out?

Review: I don’t know where to start; the book is definitely not what I expected it to be. At times, I couldn’t even understand what the author wanted to convey. There were times when the author would actually divert from the main topic and the problem is it happened too often. Even the book end is a bit too abrupt; I think the author could have done a better job with the ending.

There is too much of description of the things, surroundings and the people. It gets bit overwhelming at times. The first part of the book is about “OLD MAN” but there is very less of old man there and a lot about what the protagonist thinks about the people.

I hate perverts too much and maybe that’s one of the reasons for not liking this book much. Things happen in a very weird way, teenagers drinking alcohol in front of family, young girls sleeping with old men, and this all is happening in the presence of their wives. I mean what kind of sick world is it.  But then if I keep aside the pervert part, all and all it’s a good book. You can definitely read it once.

There is a part where the patients and their caregivers/attendants are described and this is a part which is very well written. This is the only part in the book which feels real, the rest is totally fictional.

As we talk about the movies, I can say that it is a onetime book read.

Author: Vipin Behari Goyal

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

Genre: Fiction

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