Written in the Stars

Written in the stars

I was not even over my hangover of the book “To kiss a Sunbeam” when I got to read this book. I loved the book so much that I read it twice, that too back to back. I totally loved the book. The story was so innocent and so heart touching. I actually cried reading this book. So before you start reading this book, get your tissue box ready and then you can go on the journey of Neena’s life.

Neena Patil, a fine arts student lost her parents in a tragic accident. With no friends or family to help her she has to take the responsibility of her brother. It’s only Geeta Bai, the family maid who stays with them and helps her to take care of her little brother, Nakul. It’s now up to her not only to take care of her family but also to take care of her father’s flower business. She is new to this business world, she knows how to paint these beautiful, colourful flowers but she has no clue how to sell them and how to make profit out of them. There is no one to fund her business. It’s at this time that she comes across Arti who seems to belong to the wealthiest family of India. She decides to befriend her and in the process asks her for the financial help. But then Neena is no business woman and doesn’t know how to do all this. Though no financial deal is made, the two becomes very good friends in a very little time.

Arti’s brother Sahil is also living with them in Ooty right now and it’s only because of him that the whole family is there. Sahil is getting over his drinking habits and is trying to recover. Neena likes spending time with him and feels that if he agrees to finance her business, her all problem would vanish. She keeps leaving clues for him, but Sahil never ever mention even once that he would help financially. He does help her with business proposals but financial aid is never mentioned by him. Meanwhile, in the process of befriending Sahil, Neena falls in love with him. She wants him to help her but then she wants even more for him to love her. After her parents death, it’s for the first time she feels close to somebody and feels that she also has the right to happiness.

But everything goes wrong; Sahil leaves her accusing her of using him and blaming himself for everything, even for making her giving up her painting career. Neena is dumbstruck; she couldn’t even understand a word Sahil said to her. She is so much affected by the insults and that she goes into a shock.

What did Sahil mean? Why is he  so angry with her, most importantly why is he so angry with himself? Will he be able to forgive her ever? Will her financial woes would definitely be over?

Author: Meera Srikant

Publisher: Pageturn Publisher

2 thoughts on “Written in the Stars

  1. Harshita Srivastava says:


    Read your reviews and loved them. You have a keen eye for reviewing books. I was wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing my book. Could you please share your email id so as to get in touch with you regarding the same?

    Thanks and regards,


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