To Kiss a Sunbeam

to kiss a sunbeam

I have grown up reading love stories, believing that there is someone out there for me. I would love reading Mills & Boons but could never relate to them much as the stories were set in Europe or America.

It’s only when I started reading the books by pageturn publishers that I could actually believe more in these love stories. All the love stories from this publishing house are totally awesome and have made me fall in love with love again.

To Kiss a Sunbeam is such another story. It is a story of Milind and Anjali, a.k.a Angie. Angie is a single, beautiful girl who doesn’t even know how beautiful she actually is and the effect she has on men. She is working with an advertising agency. Milind is a photographer who also happens to be working for the same agency. At first there is not much between the two, but as they spend time with each other they start feeling the mutual attraction for each other. Angie feels different around him and when she is with him it’s totally a different world for her. But she is not sure what Milind feels for her. At one moment he is all gentle and loving towards her and another moment he ignores her completely and even refuses to acknowledge her. Angie friends feel that Milind is also in love with her and that there is something which is actually holding him back and is the reason behind his non-commitment. But while they all are deciding about it, Milind has to go out of the town for few weeks, it is at this time that Angie realizes that she is in love with this brooding handsome man.

Milind returns and the attraction between them is even more than before. They share few kisses and everything seems to be right but suddenly Milind moves back to Mumbai without giving any reasons for this sudden change and leaves Angie heart-broken and alone.

Now, after a long time Milind has returned back to the town, and Angie may refuse it to everyone but he still have the same effect on her. It’s like nothing has change. Milind still seems to have his mood swings; he still looks at Angie with affection at one moment and next even refuses to recognize her in her own office.

What is actually going on? Why Milind did left her earlier and why has he now returned? Does he also love her or is it some infatuation only? Angie needs all the answers but for that she will have to wait, after all you don’t fall in love every day.

My take: The book is very well written and is a complete entertainment package. I couldn’t find any flaw and totally enjoyed it.

Author: Vinita Nayar

Publisher: Pageturn Publisher

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