Scandal Point

Scandal Point

Author: Fahad Samar

Publisher: Harper Collins


How scandalous do you think is the life of Bollywood stars and the Richie Rich Millionaires of India? Do you think they are normal human beings like us or they are somewhat totally different from us? This book by Fahad Samar gives you a sneak peek into the lives of these stars and millionaires. If you read Page 3 first before reading the national news, then this book is a must read for you. I don’t know how exactly these people live but I think Fahad has done justice to all the characters; he has shown the both scandalous and humane part of their lives.

The story has mainly been expressed via two persons- Ricky Kumar, the upcoming Bollywood Star and Gautam Goyal, the estranged son of Billionaire Sir Dharmesh Goyal. Their lives are intertwined with each other and there are many moments when they are constantly crossing paths and are causing an impact on each-others’ lives. Ricky has all the qualities of an upcoming Bollywood Star and on top of everything he is also the only son of old Superstar Kapil Kumar but unfortunately being the son of a superstar works against him when his father decides to launch him. Kapil Kumar is a person who loves himself the most, even while launching his son’s career, he decides to re-launch himself and sabotages his only son’s career. Ricky has been in love with Rhea Zaveri since he has known the meaning of love and wishes to marry her. Rhea too loves him and decides to have Ricky for herself before the other girls start ogling for the new heartthrob of Bollywood. But fate has some other plans for these lovebirds and they are forced to take different paths.

Gautam Goyal is a drug addict and is forced by his father to get rid of his habits and is sent to India. Here he meets the Page 3 socialite and other drug addict, Sheena Kansal who takes it as her responsibility to get Gautam rid of his bad habits. Both fall in love with each other but the affair doesn’t last long. It’s not long before that Gautam is sleeping with Sheena’s little sister Meneka.

What more hurtful is the life of Raani, daughter of Dharmesh Goyal, who has to always compete with her brother for the love and affection and most importantly respect from her father. But she is not some sweet angel herself. She is as devilish as she can become and doesn’t hesitate before creating hurdles for her little brother.

The lives of all these characters are totally messed up and entangled with each other’s lives. Their lives cross the path with others too often.  All of them are too much bothered with their public appearances rather than their personal lives. The peek a boo into these celebrities lives is very scary, to see that all they go through, it makes you feel happy that you have a sweet simple life.

But then there is a small part of their lives which is their own only those who learn to give more importance to this part can get some happiness in future. Otherwise it’s just a hollow life with no love, no friends and no family,,, all you have is money.

If I am asked that whether I would recommend this book to anyone then my answer is YES. I would happily recommend this book to everyone, it’s like a Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor movie together, lots of masala and lots of love and lots and lots of politics and bitchiness. You will definitely have fun while reading this book.

One thought on “Scandal Point

  1. FAHAD SAMAR says:

    Thanks for that wonderful review of my novel, Scandal Point, Priti. I am so delighted that you enjoyed it. Best regards, Fahad Samar


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