Love @ Air Force


Author: Gaurav Sharma

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication


Love can happen to anyone at any time. Shabd fell in love with Soumya in school. Soumya was his first love, not just some crush or infatuation which normally all the school boys have at some point of their lives. As KJ would say it was Ishq wala love for him. Twenty years has passed, and that meek school boy has now transformed into a man. He is a Wing Commander at Air force and is a doctor but is still in love with his high school sweetheart Soumya.

But then this book is not just about his love for Soumya, it is also about his love for Air force and most importantly his love for his best friend Sushil Awasthi whom also he is meeting after a long period of two years. Lot has changed in these twenty years, Shabd who a son of Junior Warrant Officer always hated Air force is in love with it and is actually a part of it now. Sushil, his childhood friend and a son of other non-commissioned officer hates Air force and blames it for all his failures.

Being an outsider, actually being a civilian all Air force officers are same for us, we don’t care whether they are commissioned officers or non-commissioned officers. We just love to see the guy in uniform and respect them for serving our nation. But it’s all a different world inside the premises of Air force, it does matter what post you hold. The friendship between a commissioned and non-commissioned officer is always frowned upon, moreover its  even difficult for their children to get married.

It is this reason why Shabd couldn’t tell Soumya of his love for her in school and had to wait till he was at par with the post of her father. But it’s too late now as Soumya is happily married to someone else now and is a mother of two boys. Thankfully Shabd doesn’t let the difference in posts to come between his friendships with Sushil. Though it’s something which is always at the back of his mind, but the true love and friendship of Shabd make him change this perspective of his too.

There are officers like Ojha who always looked down on you because of your post and never misses a moment to remind you of that, but then there are people like Shabd too who would respect and love you for who you are.

The book is a perfect blend of friendship and love and yes Air force. You would get a sneak peek inside the Air force especially into the life of a non-commissioned officer. At first I found it difficult to understand the love of Shabd for Soumya but as the story progress I start feeling an immense respect for the selfless love of Shabd for his sweetheart. Some would find it difficult to understand that how anyone can love a married female and can wait for years for her. But then there is no switch off and on button in our body which we can use when we don’t want to love someone. (If someone knows about that switch, then please do let me know about that) How actually can you stop loving someone? All you can do is accept the facts and decide either to be stuck in your past or move forward in life. And that is what Shabd tries to tell Sushil and Sushil to Shabd. None of them is wrong; it’s just that they have to take a decision before it’s too late.

Kudos to the author for penning down this story of friendship and love so beautifully. He deserves all the praise for dealing with this matter of difference in posts at Air Force so tactfully. Each and every character has defined so well and is an important part of the story. Everyone has some important part to play in lives of Sushil and Shabd, then is doesn’t matter whether that just is Paan Wala who gives the most important lesson of life to Sushil. And who knows even you might learn something new from this book.

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