In Love with a Sleeping Beauty

In love with a sleeping beauty

Author: Dr Deepali Nandwani

Publisher: Pageturn publisher


What would you do if you find a beautiful girl sleeping on your bed? Will you kick her out of your bed or do something else?

Ved Kashyap, the so called playboy and the owner of the Kashyap Hotels was fully surprised when he found beautiful Ishiqa sleeping inside his private suite on the king size bed of his. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up, so he just decided to sleep on his side without disturbing the “sleeping beauty”. Why he did that, well he doesn’t know that himself. The great Kashyap was finally mesmerized by the beauty of Ishiqa and couldn’t control himself from kissing her.

Fate has planned something else for these two strangers, very soon they got entangled into each other’s lives causing a complete chaos and disruption in the peaceful lives of theirs. Ved’s ailing grand-mother finds the photograph of Ishiqa in his room and misunderstood her as his girlfriend. Ved loves his grandmother more than anyone; she is the only family he has left. To not to cause any more trouble to his granny he makes a preposterous proposition to Ishiqa. He asks her to pose as his fiancée in front of his granny and everyone else. Worse part is that he informs her brother too about it. Ishiqa is blackmailed by Ved and is forced to accept the role of his fiancée.

As I fate was not cruel enough to her, she finds herself attracted to Ved and is soon head over heels for him. She loves him and is ready to be his wife but is that what Ved wants, she is not very sure of that. She is tormented every-day while fighting her attraction towards him, she wants him but don’t know how to convey her love to him. It’s all upto Ved now, if he wants Ishiqa in his life he will have to do something very quickly before the fate plays some more cruel game with their lives.

My take: I loved the book; it’s a small happy romantic story and is a perfect time pass at a time when you want to lift up your mood.

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