The Backbenchers- The Missed Call

backbenchers-missed call

The Extra Class was the story of Ananya, the new girl in school and The Missed Call is the story of Natasha, The previous Head-Girl of the school. In the previous series we all read about how bad was Natasha and about all her bad deeds. But what exactly happened to her after all the fiasco she did. She thought nothing bad would happen to her and she could continue to keep playing with other people’s lives. What she has not expected that one day her world would also come crumbling down and she a day would come when her friends and foes would be standing against her and she would be all alone in this little world.

Natasha is all alone and her so called friends are making fun of her, actually bitching about her, people are talking rubbish and guys are saying things which no girl could tolerate. At this time when Natasha has no one, it’s Shreya her childhood friend with whom Natasha has broken friendship a long time ago comes to her rescue. She still loves Natasha as she used to when they were little children. She is completely opposite to Natasha and believes in loving and caring others and can never harm anyone.

Everyone in school hates her and Natasha wants her pride back, she again wants to be the most important person in school. At this time a quiz competition is announced and Natasha decides to take part in it and win it. Luckily for her she is paired with Shreya, who makes it a point to look after her. Time comes when Natasha is all ready to go back to her wicked ways but Shreya’s love stops her from doing that. She is completely changed now and easily forgives and forgets about everything and is ready to be Daddy’s and Momma’s little girl. She had nothing earlier but now she has everything. All thanks to Shreya’s MISSED CALL, God knows what would have happened if Shreya wouldn’t have called her that fateful day.

Author: Sidharth Oberoi

Publisher: Grapevine India


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