The Backbenchers- The Extra Class


All of us would remember our first day of “new school”, it’s like entering into a new family uninvited. Well that’s what I felt when I joined my new school. I was teachers’ favorite in my old school, everyone was my friend there but nobody knew me in the new school. I was just nobody, everyone knew each other and I was an outsider in this family of students and teachers. I was a total misfit.

That’s what Ananya felt when she came from Bhopal to Delhi’s hotshot school where it was the teachers who were afraid of students, the length of the girls’ skirts would get over even before it started, the students would carry mobile phones with them every day and would be too busy texting rather than taking notes in the class.

Epilogue: Ananya is brought up by her father and she is the apple of his eyes and is loved by everyone. Her father has to move to Delhi because of work reasons and Ananya is forced to join a new school in there, that too in class twelfth. Ananya is a very simple girl and has studied in a convent school and when she comes to this new school, it’s a whole new world to her. Everything is so different from her old school. Ananya is already feeling a left out, everyone is staring at her and worst of all is looking down on her. During this time she gets an opportunity to join the debate club and here she finds a new friend Yuvraj who is the head of Debate Club and is dating beautiful yet arrogant Natasha, the head girl. Yuvraj and Ananya has lots in common, both of them are good students and are down to earth and most importantly care for others feelings too. But Natasha hates Ananya and asks Yuvraj to stay away from her; this forces Ananya to do a complete makeover of her and thus becomes one of the hot girls of the school. Rishab, another student of school is attracted towards her and both become friends very soon. There are others like Rana, friend of Rishab; Naman, geek friend of Yuvraj and Radhika, another member of Debate Club and a very good friend of Ananya. Natasha’s hatred for Ananya forces her to do things which she regrets in future but not before damaging the life of everyone including her.

My views: I grew up reading Enid Blyton’s books and for me reading this book was like going down the memory lane. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and cherished each and every moment of the book. I think all the school kids and even others should read this book as they would definitely find something which they could relate to.

Author: Sidharth Oberoi

Publisher: Grapevine India

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