Karna’s wife- The outcast queen

karna's wife

All of us have read about Mahabharata, the epic war or at least seen it on television. We all know about the good Pandavas and the bad Kauravas. But aren’t we always confused about Karna, the Surya Putra. We don’t know how to label him-good or bad. After all he was given up by his own mother and never got the respect and love which he actually deserved and gave away everything he had without even worrying about his own life. But he was also the one who was always on the side of Duryodhan who did all the bad deeds which could be done. So was he good or bad????

This book might help you with that. Urvi, Princess of Pukeya fell in love with that beautiful man who was just a Sarthi Putra and no noble king. But then she was in love with him and forces her parents to invite Karna to her swayamwar and going against everyone wishes chooses this common yet magnificent man as her husband. Karna calls her little woman, she might be little but she is never afraid to speak her mind, she is not afraid of anyone and despite being Kshatriya goes into the battlefields and work as the healer. She has no qualms in taking care of the soldiers and dressing their wounds. She loves Karna more than anyone but her love doesn’t blind her to the bad deeds of Karna. She doesn’t mind telling him what wrong he has done and despite the pain it causes her she doesn’t even flinch before leaving him all alone because being the righteous princess she can’t stay with a man who has disrespected a woman. Her love for Karna is limitless and she stands against everyone who would hurt him, even against her godmother Kunti.

After a long time I have come across a book written which is so well versed. The vocabulary in the book is so vast and so beautiful that my English teacher would definitely recommend this book to all her students. As for me, I would recommend this book to all those out there who loves mythology. I was so engrossed by this book that I couldn’t keep it down even for a second. All I would like to stay about the author, Kavita Kane is that you rock. Thank you for such a beautiful book. I would be waiting for some more books from the author.

Author: Kavita Kane

Publisher: Rupa Publisher

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