Circle of life

Circle of life

Circle of Life is the story of Nandini and Prayag. Nandini is a journalist and works for Times of India, she is an orphan and some kind woman has paid for her education and the other expenses. She has been trying for a long time to get more information about this woman but all she knows now is her name and that she lives in a small village, Shipole. Thus she decides to visit this village and pay her gratitude to her and show her that her kindness hasn’t been wasted. She has aced her exams and has got a very good job in the city. But the fate has some other plan for her; this woman who has been responsible for shaping her future has died some time back and has no living relative.

Her best friend still lives in the same village and Nandini decides to meet her but instead finds Prayag, the handsome farmer who has been educated at US University. Nandini is instantly attracted to this rustic yet handsome farmer. She prolongs her stay in the village and gets busy with the life there which is far more peaceful than the life of the city. Both Nandini and Prayag love each other and can feel the attraction between them growing to a level at which they can’t deny it anymore.

But Nandini is haunted by the rejections she has received in past for being an orphan child and is too afraid to express her feelings to him.  Now it’s up to Prayag to convince her of the love they feel for each other and to convince her to be his for eternity.

Author: Ketaki Date

Publisher: Pageturn

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