Those Pricey Thakur girls



Author: Anuja Chauhan

Publisher: Harper Collins

Review: Two words for the book “Brilliantly Awesome”. The book was given to me by a friend as I liked the cover a lot and the title was very catchy. She warned me not to read the book in metro as there would be moments when I would be laughing loud and people would be staring at me as if I am mad. Well, I took her advice and read the book in my room, but that didn’t stop my brother from calling me mad girl as I was laughing loudly all alone in my room. Now you can guess how hilarious this book is, it’s a very good combination of both humor and drama. As someone said that humor is a tricky art and most people fail to employ it intelligently in their works, be it cinema, sitcoms, musical lyrics or illustrations. But Anuja Chauhan succeeds in this attempt; she has even been able to balance the most political situations in the book. Not even a point comes when you could say that the author is politically incorrect. The story revolves around various issues like gender inequality, family feuds, infidelity and even the riots of 1984, nothing has been missed. I think I would call this book as humorous drama which people of all ages can enjoy.

About the book: The story is of Retd Judge Laxmi Narayan and his five beautiful daughters who he named in perfect alphabetical order, much to their dislike. A for Anjini, B for Binodini and C for Chandralekha are already married, and D for Debjani who is at the perfect age of getting married and E for Eshwari who is in school. Debjani is the favorite of her father and works for D for Desh Darpan (DD) channel and falls for “D” for Dylan Singh Shekhawat, the irresistible christian-rajput with intriguing, dark eyes and a sincerely “well-placed butt” as Eshwari has pointed out, manages to catch the coy attention of Debjani. An investigative journalist with “India Post” and the son of Justice Thakur’s good friend, Sahaas, is all ready to get married to the girl who is totally opposite to him but then something happens and their paths are parted away from each other. Debjani is the champion of losers and will support anyone who is on losing side; she even supports the West Indies team when they lose to Indian Cricket team in the famous world cup match. But even Debjani can’t resist the charm of Dylan who is very confident, charming and completely irresistible.

One thing that kept me guessing till the very end was the picture of a cat on the cover of the book. It’s only when you reach the penultimate chapter that the furry feline makes a second guest appearance and clears the air. And mind you the cat has the important role to play in the book. The story of Dylan and Debjani would have not had such an end without that “tortoise shell” coloured cat.

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