Like It Happened Yesterday


Author: Ravinder Singh

Publisher: Penguin


After reading two books on Ravinder’s love life, I was expecting this one to be a love story too. I thought maybe this will be a school love story and every second I would be expecting him to be falling in love. But that’s not what this book is about; this is a story of a boy- from his birth to the time when he qualifies for the college. It’s about all those little moments which we all have lived and even forgotten about.

I have read some of reviews in which the people have actually criticized the book too much. I mean give the author a break.. He has gone out of his comfort zone (I mean Love Stories) and written all together a different story and it’s pretty good actually.

All those moments about your first day at school, about wanting to have that toy or bicycle which you eagerly want but can’t have, your first crush and watching the movie in theatre all by yourself.

This book is all about those little moments which you spent in school with your friends and if you really won’t mind going back into the past and remember those moments then please do read the book. You won’t regret it but if you are someone who is looking forward to one more love story from Ravinder Singh then please refrain yourself from reading this book. Because it’s totally not the book for you.

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