Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple pouts

Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts

Author: Amrita Anand Nayak

Publisher: General Press

“Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts”, a bit different title for the book but totally perfect. It is a story of three friends, Tia, Leena and Jasmine who hail from different parts of India and are poles apart from each other but love each other a lot and are the “Best Friends Forever”. They not only live together in a flat in Pune but also share their friendship, joy and pain. They might spend their weekdays separately but on weekends they are always together and if not, they do make it a point to spend some time together.

Now a bit about each one of them, Tia is a sweet girl who always puts other happiness first and is a fashionista. Even her friends call her “angel’ because of her loving and caring nature. She is from Delhi and her father is an IPS officer. She is a very shy girl and doesn’t have many male friends and she makes the best tea. Her parents wants her to get married to someone of their choice but then who has ever been able to control the Cupid of Love and Tia is struck by same and even before she realizes that she is head over heels for Sam, a Jat boy who belongs to the orthodox society of Haryana where Khap Panchayats still control the people’s lives. It’s a bumpy road for them.

Leena is a girl from Pune only, she is the most mature among three of them but when she dresses up in her high ponytail, she looks like a young school girl. She is almost perfect but then she does have a weakness. She is always falling for the older guys and that too married one. Her heart has been broken once in college but she seems to learn nothing from that and is soon falling for her boss only to be broke-hearted again. So does she learn anything this time also or not that that is worth reading for.

Jasmine or Jazz is a big flirt, she changes her boyfriends like clothes but mind you she is not some slutty girl. She is very beautiful girl with a million dollar smile and she can win your heart over very easily. She always thinks of weird and funny excuses to break up with the guys and to cheer herself up she always goes for shopping and mostly a purple lipstick. She might not be in any committed relationship but she is always there for her friends, supporting them always in both good and bad times.

So, that completes the three friends- Polka Dots (Tia), Pony Tails (Leena) and Purple Pouts (Jasmine).

On the cover page of the book a few words are written “A roller coaster ride of love, emotions and situation” and that’s what this book is about. Not even for a moment I got bored with the book, normally books have both highs and lows but there are no lows in this book. Not even for once the author loses the grip over the story and not even once comes the moment when you would feel like keeping down the book. Some of the part of the book is written like a play where each character has been given dialogues and that’s what I enjoyed most about the book. Other than that what I liked most about the book is that the author has well researched the characters in the book before writing about them. Even the small details have been given utmost importance like about the jats, programming, software engineers, coding and fashion.  Moreover, the author has very delicately handled the topics of extra-marital affairs, single mothers and the gays of which lately our legal system seems to be total against. I wish a day does come in India when the gays will be given as much respect as others and they can legally get married and adopt children.

This book is not just another love story but is a lot more about human emotions and life and our typical Indian society. It’s a must read for everyone. I would totally recommend this book to the people of all the generations.

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