He Loves Me Not

he loves me not


Author: Vrushali Telang

Publisher: Random House India

Summary: He Loves Me Not is a story of two youngsters Jimmy and Meharoo. Jimmy is a young good looking guy who is highly irresponsible and doesn’t care about anyone or anything except his looks and his hair. Meharoo is a plain looking simple girl who has been in love with Jimmy since her childhood. She considers herself his girlfriend but for Jimmy she is just a ‘sex-friend’ and nothing more. He meets her only when he wants to have sex or he wants some money. Meharoo holds no value for him, and neither anyone else. Things change and Jimmy don’t need Meharoo anymore; neither for money, nor for sex. That’s when Meharoo actually thinks about their relationship, the reality struck her hard. So is Meharoo able to get back Jimmy or not? Does Jimmy finally become responsible and acknowledges the people in his life?

Review: “He loves me or he loves me not”, that’s a question that so many girls are asking themselves. Many of the girls are in relationships but they are not even sure that whether their boyfriends really love them or do they even consider themselves their boyfriends. Vrushali has stuck the chord with this book and has dealt with this matter in a hilarious way. There are times when you have pity at poor Meharoo and poor Dinshaw (Jimmy’s father), both whom are taken for granted by Jimmy. But there are moment when you can’t stop laughing like when Dinshaw is shouting on his son or his friend, Nishant  or when Gurumayi is preaching her students or when Meharoo is reading her magazines and trying applying the tricks on herself.  Overall, the book is ok but I didn’t enjoy it much. There are too many characters and at time I can’t even remember their names, actually I don’t even bother to read about them. Some of them seem too unnecessary for the story to continue. The book has its both high and low moments, at one point you are thoroughly enjoying the book and at other moment it gets too boring. The story seems to drag and it’s then when you feel why in the first place you started reading the book.  The end of the story is quite unexpected; it’s what I enjoyed the most.

So if you are looking for a light book and nothing too heavy, then you can read it and if you are the one who is always flipping through the magazines and reads all those self-help articles about how to get the boys then it’s definitely the book for you.

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