Legal Bond



Author: Nithya Sashi

Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd.

Review: Legal Bond is a sweet simple story of a young, beautiful, bubbly girl Maya who is living in Chennai with her family. She is daddy’s little girl and wants to make a career first for herself before getting married and settling for good. But fate has some other plans for her, when her dad’s friend and his son Ravi come to stay with them for few days. Maya is head over heels for Ravi and falls in love with him instantaneously. It’s not that Ravi doesn’t love Maya but there is something that he is hiding from her and Maya knows that but what exactly he is hiding she has no clue of that. It’s not only Ravi who has secrets but his adoptive father has got secrets of his own.

It’s a good book to read and can be easily finished in less than even an hour and is a good time pass, especially while travelling. There are sweet little moments which bring a smile to your face and help you momentary relax and forget everything else. I read it on my way to my exam and it helped me to cool down my nerves.

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