Author: Supriya Parulekar

Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd.

Review: Dreamcatcher is a story set in the backgrounds of the Bollywood and it is nevertheless than any masala Bollywood movie. It’s a story of Ayanna who has come to Mumbai to look for her sister Toyoja who has disappeared two years ago and no one has any idea where she is now. During one of the events, Ayaana meets Aditya, the new heartthrob in Bollywood. Aditya is attracted to Ayaaana and in no time is falling for her. But then there is Palki, the hot, sultry actress and daughter of one of the top producers. She wants Aditya for herself and does everything in her power to keep Aditya far away from Ayaana. Ayaana has no time for love but she decides to spend time with Aditya with a hope that he might help her to get some clues to find her sister who was lost in the dark alley of Bollywood. But has we ever been control our heart, so how can innocent Ayaana do that. She is falling badly for Aditya but she is too busy in her search for Toyoja and has no time to listen to her heart. So will Ayaana find her sister, will Ayaana and Aditya will listen to their hearts? To know the answers to those questions, you will have to read the book.

It’s a full-fledged masala story with lots of twists and turns and most importantly romance. It is no less than any Bollywood movie. The book is a perfect read and full enjoyment for those little breaks which you take during the day from your busy life.

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