Take One Arranged Marriage



No doubt, Shoma Narayanan is the best author for the Indian M&Bs collection. She has again written a very beautiful love story with which most of the Indian brides could easily relate to. Since birth, we Indian girls are told that our parents would find a prince charming for us. Tara Sundaram is one such girl only, who is told at the age of twenty-two that her parents have found a suitable match for her. The match is none other than tall, dark, handsome Vikram Krishnan who is a successful lawyer and wins Tara’s heart during the first meeting only.

Shoma has described all the ups and downs of the arranged marriage which I think most of the newlyweds would have experienced. There are little moments like Tara comes to know after wedding only that how rich her husband exactly is, how he likes his tea, the fact that he is a non-vegetarian and  most importantly how busy he is with his work. So much busy that he is the last to know that his wife has chopped her long hair and has already learned to drive the car.

But what I loved the most about the book is their sweet romantic love story which has been written very beautifully. Me being a die-hard romantic and about to be hitched, well yes, I am myself about to be getting married and that too arranged. May be that’s why, this is my favorite book among all the Indian M&Bs.

Every Indian girl who is going to have an arranged marriage should definitely read this book. Who knows like Tara you too will have your own love story with your husband.


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