His Monsoon Bride


Though this is Aastha Atray’s first novel but it’s very well written. Story has been crafted so well, it’s like a beautiful poetry, as beautiful as the protagonist Amrita Piramal. Amrita is daughter of one of the millionaires of India, yet she travels by local train of Mumbai, prefers to dress in Indian outfits and has no qualms in interacting with the people of slum. Though many would say that she is born with the golden spoon in her mouth but what actually defines Amrita is her “Golden Heart”.

With her family bankrupt she is forced to marry the newest rich of Mumbai, Mehtab Rathod, a ruthless businessman who needs a trophy wife to convince the board that he is a family man. Mehatb has worked hard to escape the slum of Dhairavi and takes pride on being included in the list of riches of Mumbai. He is a man who doesn’t allow himself to love anyone easily and has many dark secrets hidden in past. So when pretty and simple Amrita marries this devil she doesn’t know what to expect. She is attracted to him and though they are physically compatible with each other, there is no love in their relationship. Amrita has always wanted to marry for love and after one failed relationship and being judged for her figure all the time by the elites of Mumbai, she was not at all ready to get involved in marriage which was completely devoid of love.

As she knows more of Mehtab past, she falls more in love with him but has Mehtab also fallen in love with her or is she still a trophy wife for him, Amrita is not very sure of that.

All the incidents in the story are beautifully linked to each other and you enjoy each and every moment. But I still feel that author could have left out the last part of the story. It seems too unnecessary. The story of Mehtab and Amrita is already mesmerizing and there is no need for the story of Aarushi and Kunal.

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