A Date with a Bollywood Star


I have read all the M&Bs by Indian authors and this book by Riya Lakhani is my least favorite. The story is not very good and is not  very well written. Though the authors are Indians still they seem to be a lot confused about Indian culture. I suppose Rani De Silva is a Christian (name suggests that) but still she calls her father “Abuji” many times, she gets married to Omar who is a Muslim and yet she has a big Hindu wedding.

Even if we ignore these silly facts in the books, there is nothing in there which you would like. Omar is a Bollywood hero who is also getting famous in Hollywood, yet it’s Indians who fail to recognize him many times. The main characters of the book are also not very well crafted. Normally you fall in love with the male character of the M&Bs but nothing like this happens with Omar. Neither would you like Rani who already has a crush on Omar and who after meeting him for the first time, falls in love with him too.

After wasting my time on this book all I would suggest is that if you want to read this book then please do the same at your own risk.

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