You Can’t fight a Royal Attraction


This book is a sequel to “Bollywood Fiance for a Day’. The earlier book was the story of Zaheer and Vishakha and this one is the story of Rihaan and Vishakha’s little sister Saira. The same girl who stole away her sister’s fiancee. But a lot has happened since then, beautiful and chirpy girl who was always full of masti has turned into a very mature person.

She has given up on life, and feels that no one can love her. Rihaan makes her happy, makes her feel the most important person in world and is ready to do anything to make her feel safe and protected. But Rihaan has the secrets of his own, on one hand he is helping Saira fight the demons of her past but he himself is keeping his pain hidden away from everyone.

It’s a beautiful love story, full of passion and love. The Marwari touch gives you a great feeling; after reading about all the Italian Villas and Greek bad boys, this book gives you a refreshing feeling and a dose of your own prince and kingdoms.


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