Can Love Happen Twice?


I bought this book in December’2012 and read it in December’2013. Why didn’t I read it for so long? Well I was not so busy definitely but I have cried for hours after reading “I too had a Love Story” and somehow I had the feeling that similar thing will happen to me if I read the book, “Can Love Happen Twice”.

After delaying the inevitable for complete one year, I couldn’t resist it anymore and finally I gave in. I read the book and finished it in one go.

It’s as beautifully written as the first book. No one knows better than Ravinder Singh to write a love story. He pens down it so well that along with the female patron, you also fall in love with him.

The title of the book is “Can Love Happen Twice”, it’s a question which all of us who have ever been love have asked ourselves after we have lost our first love, and we all wonder whether we will be able to fall in love again, whether we will be able to live our life again in the same way. If anyone of you has the same question then you should definitely read this book. If not all, then this book will answer some of your questions definitely.

In the book, Ravin who has lost Khushi to a fatal accident, meets Simar in Europe. Simar is a young girl pursuing her studies and Ravin is there on a company project. Both of them falls in love with each other, and are completely inseparable till a time comes when Ravin has to return to India.

Against all odds Ravin falls in love again but is he lucky this time or not? Well, to know that you will have to read the book yourself.

 The book is definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions, not even once the author loses his hold over the story. Each and every part of the book is written so beautifully that you will find it difficult to keep the book down even for a minute. Not a moment comes when you might get bore.

I know the book has been out for a very long time now, but still if you haven’t read the book yet go ahead buy it and read it. I am sure you will love it and those of you who are in love or ever have been in love should definitely read it.


2 thoughts on “Can Love Happen Twice?

  1. Priti says:

    I too had a love story kept me thinking of Ravin and Khushi for very long. I remember the shock I got at the time Khushi died and felt Ravin’s pain in my heart. Than as soon as I came to know about Can love happen twice I could not wait to read it and like you finished the book in one go as soon as I got it. Was really nice and emotional again but felt good for Ravin in the end. I loved the first one more for sure.


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