The Lowland

lowland1First time when I read the review of the book in newspaper, i thought it to be a good book but still didn’t buy it straightway because it seemed to be too emotional for me and bit sad too. But finally I couldn’t resist myself and ordered the book online.
And then the journey begun which was no more less than a roller coaster ride. Like her other novel Namesake, this too did a spell on me and I couldn’t keep the book down. It did take me more than the usual time to finish this novel and that was because you can’t read this book without absorbing each word of it, without experiencing each emotion.
The story is of two brothers who though are like the soul mates but still are totally opposite to each other.
On one hand Udayan is aggressive, spontaneous, brave, intense and a risk taker, Subhash, the elder brother is a calm person who plays it safe in life but is still brave in his own kind of way. He loves and support his brother in all ways, no matter what he does. He takes a stand against his parents to support his new wife and the unborn child. He loves his daughter like he loved his brother. She brings back all the memories too him. Though Subhash is not afraid of loving people, it still takes him years to tell the truth to his own daughter.
Lowland is a story of four generations, so definitely there is lots of family drama but with each relationship there is something new you experience, something different yo learn each time you read about them.
I loved the book and was completely mesmerized by it but it still left me with a longing feeling. The character Gauri seems to be bit confusing at times, I find it bit difficult to understand her, to understand her actions. May be because I get confused that whether to hate her for leaving her daughter or pity her for the loneliness in her life.
Everyone seems to be carrying a burden in this book, a burden from their past. Some are able to get rid of it and some like Gauri drown in it.
You should read the book at least one time, I am sure you will definitely find a character to whom you could relate to and who knows may be you find more than one.Image

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