Life is what you make it


We are always told that we can’t control our destiny, our life and it seems to be true too. But what’s most is important is that do we give into our destiny or we decide to fight. And that is all what this book is about.. Preeti Shenoy tells the story in such a simple yet captivating way that it makes you think hard about your own life. Nothing is certain in our lives and no matter how much we are prepared we can’t foresee the future and the problems. All we have to do is fight against the problems and never give up. This book tells you all this and helps you to visualize the life in a new way. The book is all about your relations, love and friendship and also how you shouldn’t become arrogant once you achieve something because you don’t know what may happen to you in future. Most importantly it tells you about the impact your words and actions can have on someone’e life. So next time you say anything think once at least. I loved this book may be more because this book helped me to understand what a person goes through when they suffer from mental disorders. Thank you SHenoy for that.

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