Never judge a book by d movie- The Great Gatsby

I had seen a part of movie before I started the book.. so while reading I was imagining all the characters the way I have seen in the movie. the story is set in an era when world war is over and stock market is running high in people lives. a beautifully told story, each character given the utmost importance and once you start reading the book writer takes you on to roller coaster ride into the world which you can only imagine now. I fell in love with Gatsby, confident, smart, handsome, rich and a loving person who would do anything for his love. At times you would get confused about what is exactly happening because too many things happen at the same time. But still you will enjoy it till its last word. Great Gatsby is a book about love, friendship, jealousy and all the other emotions you could think of. But most important friendship. Do read it. I am sure you will enjoy it.

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