Langdon back with a bang…..”Inferno”

Every-time I read Dan Brown book, I hope that Langdon will get his lady love but alas he is still single. Once again, I got to know something about history which was unkown to me, after reading his first book I went through all of Da Vinci paintings, and this time I am gonna read Dante’s poems. I finished this book in a day, once I started reading it, I just couldn’t keep it down. It captivated me fully. I was holding my breath till the last chapter and at last when the suspense was revealed, it was totally unexpected. How easily we misunderstand people, how we are always misjudging people and how we are blinded by our own beliefs that we are unable to open ourselves to the new ideas and facts. Europe has been described so beautifully again, wish to visit this continent very soon. Waiting for the next book eagerly..Image

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